COVID-19 Information for Self-Advocates in Florida

This information was compiled by Florida Self-Advocates Network'D (FL SAND) to provide self-advocates with basic facts and information about their rights so they are able to participate in decisions about their lives .

COVID-19 Basics 

Things are changing everyday and there's a lot of information out there. Make sure you are getting your information from good sources. If you aren't sure, ask for help from a family member or caregiver. Here's an easy-to-read guide on basic information about the virus and how to protect yourself.

APD Info for


The Agency for Persons with Disabilities has an abundance of helpful information on its website,, including these two resources. 


Questions About Services & Providers

Your Healthcare Rights

The federal government has reminded hospitals that discriminating against a patient because they have a disability is against the law! You, your family, and your caregivers must still be prepared to remind doctors and nurses of this if you feel you are being denied the same level of care as someone without a disability. The resources at the links below will help you understand and advocate for your rights! 

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Direct Support Workers that come into your home for personal care and other vital tasks like shopping are considered "essential workers" during the pandemic. APD is ready to help when/if you encounter problems with your services. We've attempted to answer the most common questions below.   


  • Be proactive in speaking to your providers about special needs you have related to the pandemic. You may be able to make changes to your cost plan.

  • APD will provide a curfew letter to essential direct support providers who must travel to client homes during community curfews and shelter-in-place orders. DSPs can get a curfew letter from their APD regional manager.

  • APD is able to pay direct service workers to provide services to clients in the hospital. Providers and clients will have to follow hospital visitation policies. If you are unable to receive necessary services while in the hospital from your provider or another caregiver, please let your support coordinator know and/or contact FL SAND at

  • APD is activating emergency staffing plans and doing everything they can to avoid staffing shortages. They do  not anticipate any shortages; but if you do encounter DSPs who are not able to provide services, contact your support coordinator and/or the APD regional manager in your area.

  • APD has guidance on its website for acquiring masks and personal protective equipment (PPE). If your provider does not have a mask or other PPE and you feel unsafe, first ask them to review the information on APD's website. If this does not correct the problem, contact your support coordinator and/or the APD regional manager in your area.


Work,Benefits & Financial Advocacy

Calls & Advocacy Opportunities

  • As statewide advocacy opportunities present themselves, FL SAND will reach out to its membership via email and on social media. Be sure to check our social media pages regularly.

FL SAND Leadership will be hosting calls each Monday at 3:30 PM (Eastern) to update self-advocates on issues related to the pandemic and to answer questions. 

Email to receive the login/call-in numbers.

We're all in this together and we need each other!

If you have questions, you can reach FL SAND and Florida Self-Advocacy Central at

Please share this page with other self-advocates, family members, and disability stakeholders.

For information on how to protect yourself from COVD-19 and what to do if you get sick, visit the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) website here.