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Florida Self-Advocacy Central

is a bridge connecting self-advocates with vital communication, education, and events intended to encourage and support their self-advocacy efforts, their families, and all persons with disabilities across the state of Florida.


Florida Self-Advocacy Central, or FSACentral, encourages all individuals interested in self-advocacy -- regardless of their affiliation with a self-advocacy group -- to get involved in Florida's growing self-advocacy movement by taking advantage of the resources and opportunities presented here and sharing information about self-advocacy efforts in their communities with us.  Scroll down or click the box to learn more about collaborating with FSACentral. 

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What is Self-Advocacy?

Are you new to self-advocacy? If so, you've come to the right place. Self-advocacy is simply a term used to describe the process of speaking for yourself when it comes to issues and decisions that are important in your life. You can find resources on this site that will help you understand how self-advocacy works in regard to advocating for people with disabilities, particularly intellectual and developmental disabilities, and how to get more involved in this important process. 

Your Voice Matters and We'd Love to Hear it!
  • Have a self-advocacy story or event that needs to be shared?

  • Need to touch base with other self-advocates in the state or start a group in your community? 

  • Have a burning question about self-advocacy in Florida?

Florida Self-Advocacy Central is the place to start. Reach out to us by emailing, clicking the "Share" button, or on Facebook.


Post self-advocacy related events less than 30 days away on our Facebook page and shoot us an email or "Share" information about larger events and ongoing efforts in self-advocacy so we can post them on our Events page.

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