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  • Megan Germain

Summer Fun & Self-advocacy

Young self-advocates, are you thinking about what you’re going to do this summer? The 10th Annual Youth Summit, hosted by the Florida Youth Council (FYC), takes place the first weekend in August.

If you are looking for a two-day trip to Orlando where you can enjoy time with people your age while learning about self-advocacy and other important topics, then the Youth Summit may be the event for you! It is essentially a smaller version of The Annual Family Café conference but for youth in the age range of 15 through 30. There are fun and exciting breakout sessions that are informative and useful for this age group. Past sessions included, “Come and Chat with the FYC,” “How to Save a Dollar,” and “Social Interaction.” In the “Come and Chat with the FYC” session, participants learned about the FYC and what each member contributes as an individual. For the “How to Save a Dollar” session, the FYC had a representative from the Social Security Administration and Vocational Rehabilitation speak to the participants. And last but not least, the FYC’s most popular session, “Social Interaction,” teaches participants how to interact with appropriate behavior for authority figures, family members, and peers. In addition to the cool sessions, there is a movie night and a dance party. Participants arrive at the hotel on Friday afternoon and leave Sunday morning. The FYC’s Annual Youth Summit is a whole weekend full of fun!

Registration for The 10th Annual Youth Summit hasn't opened yet, but you can learn more about the summit and the Florida Youth Council at

Note: The Florida Youth Council’s summit is not to be confused with another great summer program for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities: the Florida Youth Leadership Forum (YLF), which is a product of the Able Trust. You can learn more about the Florida Youth Leadership Forum here.

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