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  • Michelle Zeman

Are You Informed About Medicaid Unwinding?

Self-Determination & Advocacy are key to staying enrolled!

If you’re a person with a disability receiving Medicaid in Florida or work with people with disabilities you’ve probably heard of something called “Medicaid Unwinding” or “Medicaid Redetermination.” It's vital that Medicaid recipients understand this process -- not paying attention could result in temporary loss of benefits.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was essential that people receive uninterrupted medical care so the federal government suspended annual reviews of Medicaid eligibility. Those reviews, primarily conducted by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Florida, started up again in April of 2023 and are projected to be complete by April 2024. Those believed to be no longer eligible are being removed from the Medicaid rolls. This process has been referred to as “Medicaid Unwinding” or “Medicaid Redetermination.”

Some disability advocates fear that the vast number of reviews being conducted could result in people with disabilities who are still eligible being disenrolled. It’s very important that self-advocates on Medicaid be informed about “Medicaid Unwinding” and make efforts now to protect their benefits.

Disability Rights Florida’s page on “Medicaid Unwinding” provides detailed instructions for what one can do to help ensure they are not disenrolled and what they can do if dropped by mistake – the most important of which is to make sure the Department of Children and Families has updated contact information for you (phone, address & email). Many of you may have already heard from DCF as they are halfway through the review process – if you do receive mail from them be sure to open it and respond.

Don’t put off being informed. Head to the DRF page now. There’s also information from DCF here.


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