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  • Laura Minutello

DeLisle Finds Perfect Fit at Wawa

Emily DeLisle, a Jacksonville resident and member of the Voices of Advocates Reaching Community chapter of Florida Self-Advocates Network’D (FL SAND) has found something that many people search their whole lives for: a job she loves.

When back problems forced Emily to quit her previous job at Publix, her new job search resulted in an even better fit at Wawa, which has been described as her favorite place in the world. Working as a customer service representative allows Emily to do a variety of food service tasks, as well as be a cashier. But according to Emily, the best part of her job is that it allows her to train other workers, including others with disabilities. The ability to do her job well and teach others has been fulfilling, while also serving as an excellent example of the dedication and value that those with disabilities add to the workforce daily.

The road to Emily’s dream job wasn’t an easy one though, with many employers unwilling to give her a shot. Yet, with perseverance and the help of a supported employment coach, not only did Emily overcome the challenges she faced in her job search, but she did so during a global pandemic. To hear a bit of Emily’s journey in her own words, watch the video below:


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